SUP素朴建筑工作室(SUP Atelier)

由清华大学建筑学院教授宋晔皓于2011年在北京与合伙人共同创立, 致力于可持续城市与建筑的研究与实践。坚持通过朴素的建筑设计、自然和本土材料的构造研究、对场地及自然环境的谨慎处理,让建筑消隐于环境,贴近人的生活,以实现自然资源和人文社会的同步可持续。       


SUP Atelier

founded by Prof. Song Yehao from Tsinghua University School of Architecture in Beijing around 2011, dedicated to the research and practice on sustainable urban and architectural design. SUP Atelier explores the simultaneous sustainability of natural resources and human community through high context sensibility, modest architectural strategies, and tectonic research on natural and local materials, in relevant to integrate buildings to the environment and community livings.