Indoor Playground (Doubling as lecture hall) of Yueyang County No.3 Middle School

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Indoor Playground (Doubling as lecture hall) of Yueyang County No.3 Middle School

Yueyang county, Hunan Province in China2017

Located in a rural middle school of Yueyang County, Hunan province, the project has been sponsored by alumnus with the aim of offering better sports space and adding vigor to the regularly planned campus.

The newly built indoor playground, stretching over a 4-meter altitude difference, has been designed integrally with its surroundings. Curved red brick walls, outdoor steps and grandstands have formed spaces of fun for the students.

Maximized natural ventilation and lighting guarantees thermal comfort without mechanical appliances in response to the humid weather in Yueyang, inducing part of the building to rise above the other part.

Prefabricated steelwork makes up the main structure, while cast-in-situ concrete and traditional red brick neat work have been applied in the other parts. The neat work of red bricks, with characteristics of artisan craftsmanship, is designed integrally with industrial products, offsetting the monotony of industrialized buildings with its sense of artistry and freedom. For instance, ventilation openings on the red brick walls are formed with traditional neat work, and the images of 12 zodiacs emerge on the wall through thoughtfully designed unevenness. The color and pattern of the main building resembles the abstraction of Yueyang’s topography, as well as the distribution of its mountains and waters, providing the kids with more fun and interaction through the power of design.