Waterfowl Pavilion of Beijing Zoo

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Waterfowl Pavilion of Beijing Zoo

Beijing 2014


Waterfowl Pavilion of Beijing Zoo is a net-zero energy building locating on the Waterfowl Island which owns extremely high ecosystem and landscape biodiversity and serves as a multi-functional building for bird breeding, exhibition and science advocacy. It's both a practical case of public architectural design and construction, and an experimental platform for sustainable design strategies based on the Cold Zone in north China.

Facing the particularities both on site and function, a sustainable design target was set up at the initial stage of project:  to create a demonstration net-zero energy building under the limit construction budget.

The design process of Waterfowl Pavilion involves three phases: planning layout, architectural design and detail design, emphasizing being 'invisible' in the natural environment. Invisibility is not solely reflected in visual level, but also the minimization of interferences toward ecological system and wild environment of Waterfowl Island.